About us


Courseography is a course idea discovery platform with big ideas on how to unify the lifelong learning marketplace.

Our mission is to connect instructors, subject matter experts, and trainers to learning providers everywhere through the power of a simple tool: the course proposal.

We utilize the course proposal for its ease and familiarity for instructors across any field to use, and because it represents a common process and language nearly all schools and learning providers share.

Our sole aim is to create meaningful opportunity for every instructor and learning provider, and every decision we make will have this goal in mind.

We encourage any and all feedback as we develop, grow, and make this a useful platform for our users.

The founder, Michael Hegglund, is the former Dean of Community & Continuing Education at De Anza College in the Silicon Valley Bay Area and worked in higher education for over 14+ years. 

He is a local class expert and has scheduled thousands of professional development & enrichment courses, as well as worked with hundreds of instructors on curriculum design, pricing, and course marketing. 

Michael is a devout minimalist, trail runner, and lifelong learner. If you'd like to connect, please send an email to hello@courseography.com.