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Introduction to Business Communications


I have donned many hats over the past 19 years working both in the corporate world and in education. Over the course of my career, I have developed extensive experience in instructional design, business and instruction. I have designed and/or taught courses in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Business Communications (Marketing, Investor Relations, Social Media)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Business Plan

  • Crisis Management

  • Media Interview Training

  • Workplace Mindfulness

  • Instructional Design

I am currently a full-time instructional design consultant, advising corporate and educational entities. Previously, I led training and development at one of the nation’s leading corporate communications firms.

Podcasting for Profit


Training others to be successful isn’t a topic with Mike; it’s a passion and a lifestyle—Tom Adams, National Management Association

Unlike some speakers who merely talk about a subject, Mike actively lives his topic. His diverse background, combined with a passion for teaching and platform dynamics, guarantees a program that your audience will love.

Mike is a published author with over 150 books, 12 videos, fourteen audio products, tips booklets, e-books, and his internationally syndicated “Clueless®” series of products.

His articles have appeared on a regular basis in Meetings West Magazine, Museum Stores Association Magazine, Insurance Meetings Management Magazine, and Corporate and Incentive Travel Magazine

His topics include:

  • Internet and Web Related Topics

  • Self-Publishing

  • Marketing and Sales of Services

  • Osha and Cal/OSHA Safety Programs

  • Common Sense Project Management

His audiences include Fender, DHL, Miller Brewing Company, The American Bus Association, The University of California, the Harvard School of Business, Mattel Toys, the Los Angeles Public Library, CareerTrack™, the Museum Stores Association, the Golf Course Owners Association, and thousands of attendees from public seminars and workshops.

He is a degreed engineer, an associate professor for the University of California, a certified OSHA and Cal/OSHA trainer, Past President of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a former lead trainer for CareerTrack®.  He currently presents over 150 fee-paid presentations on marketing, project management, intellectual property law, and Internet based technology.

Google Suite Basics


Katherine O’Neill is a veteran teacher who is looking to expand her horizons. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA with history all around her. She’s not the typical history teacher. Lecturing is not how she prefers to present lessons. She flipped her classroom to better connect with her students and wants to share how to do this with everyone.

Become Assertive & Persuasive at Work


Sunil Bhatla has been a university-level educator for 3 decades. He holds advanced degrees in:

  • Ph.D in Marketing

  • MBA in Marketing & Finance

His 30+ years of experience across many industries includes:

  • Education

  • Marketing and P&L at Fortune 500 companies

  • Management Consulting

  • International development

Media Meal Planning

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.56.25 AM.png

Michael operates Practical Academics and The Public Square Academy.  His programs focus on civic education and interactive programs that build participant perspectives.

Basics of Industrial Automation and Control


I am an experienced engineer with a bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University. My published research focuses on aircraft design optimization and control for forward swept wing, transonic aircraft. I have extensive experience working in the industrial controls and automation field as both a Control Systems and Electrical Engineer.

In addition, I have fluency in Spanish which I have used on several occasions both in teaching and in the engineering field.

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