Meet Rhia Perpetua Roma-llao, Computer Programming and Technology Instructor

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We recently connected with Rhia Perpetua Roma-llao, a NoSQL developer and technology instructor, to ask about her experiences teaching face-to-face and online courses.  We also explored some of her favorite software programs and why she chose to share her course ideas on Courseography.

You are a subject matter expert and instructor in computer programming and technology. Why do you enjoy teaching on these topics and sharing what you know with others? What motivates you?

I enjoyed teaching computer programming because the world of information technology is always changing and it will never be boring. Teaching is my passion and I learn and grow each day and there will always be a reason to keep on learning and be fascinated by new technologies.

There is always a sense of fulfillment in sharing knowledge and in seeing students develop the skills and attitude that will equip them to become successful in the field of information technology.

As an instructor, what do you perceive to be the challenges between teaching a face-to-face course and an online course?

Both have its pros and cons. The challenge is to deliver the course regardless whether it is face-to-face or online without decreasing the quality.

As a teacher, I have to keep my students motivated to learn and have self-discipline. In face-to-face learning, students must have the discipline to attend and submit their tasks at a specific time, whereas students in online learning require more self-discipline since no one is watching them. Plus, they have to meet the connectivity requirement since we are geographically separated.

Courseography gives me an opportunity to share course ideas and get the chance to connect to learning providers anywhere in the world.

— Rhia Perpetua Roma-llao

Given your expertise as a teacher and developer, what do you believe is the future of education and learning?

With so much information freely available, students can use technology and easily learn on their own.

As an educator, our goal is not only to share what we know, but also to know the best way to apply technologies in classroom setting. We also have to teach students to learn to think and be more disciplined and responsible with the use of information technology.

With the growth of technology, there will always be an ongoing challenge for the education industry/schools to meet those requirement (ex. IT infrastructure, connectivity, learning tools, metrics, etc).

Educators should have a mindset for continuous learning and growth.

What kinds of software programs do you use to organize, plan, and deliver training to your students?

I normally use any software programs available where I can write or plan.

I use Google Drive or Dropbox for cloud storage where I can store documents/lectures all in one place and for file sharing.

For face-to-face training, topics can be presented using Powerpoint or HTML-based so it is much easier to navigate. Live demonstration on how the code works using the application or database software itself.

For E-learning and creating video tutorials/presentations,  I use Articulate Storyline and Camtasia

How do you believe Courseography can help you find new opportunities?

When you know the subject matter, you can come up with your own ideas because you know how to deliver it and what would be the best approach.

Courseography gives me an opportunity to share course ideas and get the chance to connect to learning providers anywhere in the world.