What is a Courseography?

I was recently posed the question: “What is a ‘courseography'?” and thought I’d take a moment to answer.

As an instructor, speaker, or presenter, a ‘courseography’ is a list of all the courses one can teach.

It’s reminiscent of and similar to a musician’s ‘discography,’ or “all of a performer's recordings considered as a body of work.”

Think Prince. Tom Petty. Pearl Jam.

Your course(s) are your songs or albums. They’re unique to you.

CO - discography.png

Collectively, like the arc of an artist’s musical career, they tell a story about you and can inspire an audience of devoted fans.

And that’s what we intend to help you do.

Our goal is to create a space for you as an instructor and subject matter expert to list all of your current courses and speaking ideas in one place in order to...

...showcase what you know AND connect it to the online and face-to-face learning venues located all around you.

You are an artist. But for courses.

Your courseography is your discography.