C-notes Newsletter: Happy Thanksgiving & What Lies Ahead

We sent out our November email newsletter, C-notes for the Indie Instructor, this week to share news and updates on Courseography's course idea discovery platform. 

In this edition, we’ll introduce you to some of our newest instructors and trainers who’ve shared their course ideas on Courseography, as well as discuss briefly what lies ahead for app updates and improvements.

Our Edukatico Interview: What's the Problem Courseography will Solve?

We recently participated in an interview with Edukatico, an online course search portal, on what we're attempting to do in the lifelong learning space to help instructors and experts find meaningful income-earning opportunities all around them.

The Economics of Teaching in an Online Learning Marketplace

If you’re a course creator, there are numerous factors you must weigh when deciding what online learning marketplace or platform is the best home for your course.

- What learning platform aligns most with the audience I want to reach?

- How much marketing will I have to do on my own?

- Does this platform require exclusivity, or will I be able to offer my course at other online sites?

The answers to these kinds of questions will go a long way in helping you determine what course platform will work best for you. More than any other question I hear, though, is…

Entrepreneurs Make Great Instructors

We seek to recruit instructors and trainers from a variety of fields and subject matter areas.

This past month we partnered with two expert instructors who proposed their course ideas on our course proposal platform. Each of these instructors are entrepreneurs who run their own established training businesses.

They believe Courseography can assist them in increasing the visibility of their course offerings and services. 

Let's meet them.

Instructors Can't Find You: The Hard Truth for Continuing Ed Programs

If you work in continuing education for an adult school, parks & recreation program, or college, you may not realize how difficult it is for instructors to apply to teach at your organization.

There are instructors out there who’d like to offer their short course or workshop through your program, but they can’t find you.

Testing & Evaluating Courseography: A Learning Provider Update

Over the course of the past month, we’ve asked a number of instructors and learning providers to test and evaluate our course proposal platform.

We are working continuously to obtain feedback in order to build a useful space for our two core user groups.

Since our launch, we’ve sought to have community college lifelong learning programs in Northern and Southern California utilize the course proposal platform. Why?

The Course Proposal is the New Resume

The resume will always be a space for individuals to provide a glimpse into their educational background and professional experience.

But, is the resume an accurate representation of what one knows and can do?

In a knowledge-driven economy, how do you separate yourself creatively from everyone else, and give learning providers and prospective employers a more complete sense of who you are as a hiring candidate.