Inspired by Your Ideas

Over the last few months, I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about Courseography and I’ll begin to outline some of these changes more fully in the weeks and months ahead.

For the time being, though, I’ve sought to personalize the experience for every user. To achieve this, it won’t be through technical wizardry or automations in the app, it’ll be through me. I will talk to you more. I will share with you more.

On some level, I thought I needed to pretend to be a large company with all the answers so that a community of users would buy-in. That way of thinking is done.

New Year, New Features

When I launched Courseography in the spring of 2018, I knew it was imperfect (and it still is a work in progress).

Even so, I wanted to take it to market to let a small group of users tell me what it needed to become.

As we enter the new year, I’ve made a number of modest, yet important changes I think will make Courseography far more useful for both sides of our marketplace: instructors and learning providers.