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Courseography Recognizes our First Internationally-Based Instructor

Today, we recognize our first internationally-based instructor to the Courseography platform.

Usha Sree, an English language instructor and trainer from Hyderabad, India, proposed two language courses on basic and business English. Given her location abroad, she is available to teach via online formats for interested schools and companies in the Unites States.

"Usha is very passionate about teaching English. She started as a teacher in Hyderabad, South India to prepare learners who include aspiring youth, professionals and housewives. She taught at an Indian school to discover a learner's attitude towards English language learning.  She expounds learners from non-English speaking Asian countries, Spain and Mexico. As a CELTA certified teacher, she is determined to intrigue language learners' minds, needs, capabilities and interests. She believes English language remains as a means to innovate in a fast changing world."

If you're interested in learning more about Usha's course ideas, her full course proposals are now available on Courseography.