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Degreed for the Rogue Instructor

Courseography launches, Degreed for the Rogue Instructor, an experimental online course on how to leverage Degreed to build a following and add value to the learning you create. 

This course will evolve and grow over time as we test Degreed, a lifelong learning management system, designed to record, track, and measure all of your learning.

Depending on your platform preferences, interested participants may sign up for the course at the following places:

Courseography - Degreed for the Rogue Instructor

Degreed Learning Pathway - Degreed for the Rogue Instructor

A word of caution: If you don’t like to break the rules, this course isn’t for you.

In this experimental course, we’ll step inside Degreed’s learning management system to see if we as indie instructors and digital creators can bend it to our will and make it our own.

Degreed is designed for learners and organizations, so how might we use it as creators to build an audience? Is it even possible?

Once inside, we’ll seek to ask questions and push into the dark reaches of the platform to find out if there are any answers. 

The course will be comprised of a variety of media elements including screen captured videos with audio voiceover, as well as written content we create.

We'll also discuss how ideas we've learned from using the Degreed platform have informed our way of thinking and contributed to how we view Courseography's own web application.

Are you ready to go rogue? See you inside.