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New Learning Provider: Irvine Valley College - Office of Extended Education

We're excited to announce we've recruited the Irvine Valley College Office of Extended Education to test and evaluate our course proposal platform.

This is a FANTASTIC idea. One of the hardest things to do in community education is to find new instructors/classes. We want to grow our programs, but do not have a good way to do that because none of us have the time to go out and recruit instructors. Courseography solves that problem. This is a one-stop shop. Awesome!”
— Debbie Vanschoelandt, Associate Dean, IVC

ABOUT IVC: Irvine Valley College Community Education department provides short-term, not–for-credit classes, workshops, career training programs and events designed for professional and/or personal development with special emphasis on inspiring a sense of wonder and imagination toward life-long learning.  College credit is not given for classes conducted by the Community Education department. There are no transcripts or grades. Community Education is a self-supporting entity of the college and is not funded by taxpayer dollars.

Choose from a variety of classes, workshops, seminary and activities, which will help you develop your professional skills, grow your business, enrich your cultural experiences, improve your life and relationships, or just be entertained.

Courses are moderately priced and are available on convenient days and times to meet your needs.  Class lengths vary from a few hours to several meeting dates.